My partner and I have been crazy into the sock game for longer than we can remember, there is not one boring pair in our drawer!

Whenever I go on a trip, I am always hunting for a new, cool and funky pair of local socks to take home. After a while, everywhere I went, I always ended up recognizing the same popular sock brands and seeing the same designs. That's where I thought it would be great to find original socks designed by local artists, unique to that place. 

This whole process piqued my curiosity, and I became intrigued about this phenomenon. How a basic everyday accessory can be turned into a unique expression and statement of personality.

That’s why we developed our own line of socks. As a graphic designers, with the support of our artist friends, we created Soxpop, a collection of high-quality funky fun footwear!

Making fashion a walk in the park.